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We care about Corporate Social Responsibility. Why? As a leading provider of health & wellbeing products, we believe that the way we do things matters.

Taking social responsibility, seriously.

We’re strongly committed to environmentally friendly practices and making a real difference to our communities. We strive to set a good example in the way we embrace not just our social, but also our ethical and environmental responsibilities. And we’re always looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption, C02 emissions and our carbon footprint.

Caring for our people

At Westfield Health, Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t something we simply talk about. It’s a way of business life. Besides caring for our communities, we also look after our own people too. We’re focused on safety in the workplace and our ongoing commitment to occupational health and safety is reflected in a low accident rate. Our integrated health, safety and environmental system consistently meets industry standards and continues to score highly with the companies we work with.

Caring about or environmental impact

We’re proud of what our team has achieved in caring for the environment. Over the last 5 years we have scored 100% in key audits, demonstrating our continuing improvement in environmental management.

But we’re aiming to do more. Much more. Focusing on recycling of paper waste, significantly reducing printing and introducing a new Print & Asset Management System facilitating print on demand, with measurable targets.

For years, we have also consistently recycled circa 85% of waste produced. This reduces the amount we dispose to landfill and keeps us green.

Corporate social responsibility

An environmental case study.

Caring for people and the environment is what we do. And it’s something we’re getting even better at. We are an Investors in People organisation and continue to meet relevant management and health and safety standards. Environmental objectives and targets are set, reviewed and regularly exceeded. Here are just some of our achievements:

  • Through our development of online business and ‘think before you print’ initiative we have achieved major reductions in paper usage
  • Despite substantial business growth, our consumption of electricity, gas and water has remained at the same level for the past 5 years
  • Switching to low emission fleet vehicles has reduced average CO2g/km by 17%, substantially cutting our carbon emissions.