Our mission is to inspire and empower each other to be the best that we can be, so we can deliver evidence-based health and wellbeing solutions that support people, communities and workplaces to be healthier.

We’re proud of our not-for-profit heritage and are passionate about making a healthy difference. We have no shareholders, so the more successful we are the more we can give back to those around us.

We’ve donated over


since 1966 to causes that support peoples’ health and wellbeing

Take a look at some of the great causes we’ve supported

Westfield Health charity football team

We donate an average of £750,000 every year to health and wellbeing related causes.

Some of our latest donations include:

The Cheer Up Squad - an organisation who provide relief and moral support to sick, disabled and elderly people of all ages by uplifting their spirits and improving their condition.

Murray Parish Trust - supporting an intra-operative MRI Suite across 9 counties in southern England, which allows surgeons to scan children’s brains during operative procedures, increasing their chances of survival.

Respite Association - enabling carers to have professional care relief for them to have time off from caring for their families.

West of England Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre - funding towards running exercise classes for those suffering with MS, helping to improve their mobility, reduce isolation and uplift their health and wellbeing.

Child Bereavement UK - expansion of existing services to develop online courses, training for counsellors and resources for managing and supporting child bereavement.

Our partnerships

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust


Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and Westfield Health have agreed a three-year charitable partnership. The partnership, which aims to positively impact social inequality in the City of Sheffield, will work towards transforming the mental and physical wellbeing of young people in the region.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust puts world class athletes shoulder to shoulder with young people. Equipping them with a winning mindset and shaping their futures - it's a teammate like no other. Whether that’s building relationship skills, improving self-esteem or learning to stay focused, the Trust’s sporting champions help the next generation move forward with confidence.

By working together, we know that we can make a healthy difference to our community that lasts for generations to come.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Starting Blocks Challenge

Westfield Health are also the Double Gold Partner of their UK wide #StartingBlocks Challenge.

But what is the Starting Blocks Challenge?

A starting block is the person, place or moment that inspired you to become who you are today. We’re challenging people to get sponsored to run, walk, swim or ride the distance back to where their story started.

The money raised will help the Trust support young people through transformational programmes delivered by world-class athletes who’ve been trained as coaches and mentors.

So, are you ready to #gobacktogiveback? Head here to get involved.

Our CEO, Dave Capper, sat down with Dame Kelly Holmes to talk about resilience and the positive impact of a mentor, as well as why partnerships like this are so valuable.

Watch the full interview:

Partner with us

Giving Back for us isn’t just about monetary donations, but it’s about our culture, mission and our vision at Westfield Health.

We’re also here to offer volunteering time and are looking for potential partnerships to strengthen community relationships where we can. If you’re interested in partnering with Westfield Health on a good cause, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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