Easy to Understand Private Medical Insurance

PatientChoice offers a new approach to private medical insurance. Whenever you need a medical procedure or operation covered by our health insurance plans, our health care policies provide you with a budget of money to spend which is designed to cover the cost of your medical treatment at most private hospitals.

PatientChoice is a closed book and is only available to existing customers. If you are currently looking for private medical insurance why not try our Private Health Insurance.

Essential Hospital Treatment Plan

The Essential Hospital Treatment Plan is a private medical insurance policy which covers operations and medical procedures that require a local, regional or general anaesthetic. A list of all procedures covered by this health insurance policy can be viewed under our healthcare conditions covered and Schedule of Medical Procedures.

Access Hospital Treatment Plan

The Access Hospital Treatment Plan is a trade-up version of the Essential Hospital Treatment Plan. The Access Hospital Treatment Plan medical insurance policy includes out-patient cover for consultations and scans.

Premier Hospital Treatment Plan

The Premier Hospital Treatment Plan provides even broader cover than that offered by the Access Hospital Treatment Plan and includes increased cover for consultations, scans and diagnostic tests.

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