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Cancer charity gets £50k boost from Westfield Health

Patients undergoing treatment at Weston Park Hospital are benefitting from improved facilities thanks to a donation from Westfield Health.

The hospital has received £50,000 in aid of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity’s Do Your Bit Campaign, adding to the £350,000 we have already donated to the cause.

The funds have helped support the redevelopment of the hospital’s Day Case Chemotherapy Unit to allow for an increased number of patients, as well as improvements in the quality of care provided.

Work on the unit has included extending the waiting area and remodelling the existing treatment area to increase capacity and better allow the delivery of new and emerging chemotherapy treatments, as well as replacing equipment and treatment chairs.

More complex and lengthy cancer treatments mean patients can now spend up to 12 hours receiving chemotherapy in the unit at Weston Park Hospital, which is one of only four dedicated cancer hospitals in England.

The redevelopment will enable the unit to accommodate 29 per cent more patients.

Samantha Kennedy, Director of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, said: “We are extremely thankful to Westfield Health for their generosity and their continued support of our Do Your Bit campaign.

“It is expected that, by 2020, one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer and we have already seen the impact of this prediction on the volume of patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the hospital.

“By redeveloping the Day Case Chemotherapy Unit, we hope to future-proof it for at least the next five years to ensure that patients have access to the best possible facilities during their treatment, making their time at the hospital as comfortable and stress free as possible.”

Dr Patricia Fisher, Clinical Director of Weston Park Hospital, said: “Having chemotherapy can be a difficult and emotional time, so we are enormously grateful to Westfield Health for donating these funds to Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity as they will play a vital role in further improving the care of our patients.”

The ‘Do Your Bit’ campaign has already funded a major refurbishment of the first floor of the hospital to create a new state of the art Clinical Research unit, which will offer patients even more opportunities to access pioneering cancer treatments and therapies.

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