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Competition offers staff chance to really rise and shine

James Wilson

Leading health and wellbeing company, Westfield Health, is offering businesses a chance to benefit from a Sleep Ambassador who helps staff change their environment and behaviours to improve sleep and boost wellbeing.

To mark national Bed Month, Westfield Health has launched a competition offering five businesses an exclusive sleep masterclass with sleep expert, James Wilson.

With 20 years’ experience in his field, James is a sleep environment and behavioural expert, whose mission is to help children, adults, professionals, and teams in the UK, achieve a better night’s sleep.

The winning companies will have a bespoke sleep masterclass delivered by James, who will spend the whole day working with staff, to promote positive sleep behaviour throughout the organisation.

In a bid to combat sleep deprivation, which costs the UK economy over £40bn a year through lower productivity, the winning businesses will also receive pre and post staff surveys, followed by post-masterclass results and analysis, to help the companies improve their employees wellbeing through better sleep.

James said: “I’m really excited to offer my services to the five winning businesses. I love working with new people and seeing how my sessions work to improve the overall health and wellness of staff.

“Sleep is fundamental to health. When we sleep, our bodies have time to heal and repair, and it is crucial for reducing the risk of chronic health conditions.

“However, due to our busy modern lifestyles and concerns like work and family commitments or financial worries, getting a good night’s sleep is something a lot of people have trouble with. It can be hard to access good sleep support and services when needed and I am passionate about changing this through consultations, coaching, and environment and behaviour analysis.”

Commercial Director at Westfield Health, David Capper, said: “From having James here at Westfield Health for the last few months we’ve seen how much he can help people, so we’re really excited to now be offering five businesses a chance to benefit from his expertise.

“He’s a pleasure to work with, and with so much experience in the field, his tailored approach works wonders for ensuring the sleep environment is right, and the pre-sleep routine is perfect. There are a number of my colleagues here who James has already helped to make positive changes to their sleep, and we’re really excited about the prospect of helping people to sleep well and work well with this partnership.”

The competition is open until 31 March 2017, and can be entered by completing the short form, in the following link

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