Our philosophy is simple.

To help everyone lead healthier lives. To enjoy the now – and the future.

The Westfield Health difference.

We’ve been supporting the health of the nation since 1919. From humble beginnings, we’ve evolved to become an award winning health and wellbeing provider.

Today, we work with 400,000 customers and more than 8,000 companies. We’re committed to improving people’s quality of life by enabling them to make healthier choices. With our support, you can take a proactive approach to the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

How are we doing it?

We’re dedicated to a smarter approach to health, and have formed partnerships with outstanding organisations, which enable us to develop market leading insight, expertise and technology. For example, as health and wellbeing partner to the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre - the most advanced research and development centre for physical activity in the world - we’re uniquely positioned to access state of the art research and technical advances to help us improve our existing services and develop new ones.

So, whether you’re looking for solutions for yourself, your family or your business – when you join us you can be confident you’ve made the smart choice.

Our commitment to giving.

Giving back is in our nature. As a not for profit company it’s something we strongly believe in. Over the last 20 years we’ve donated over £11m to the NHS and medically related charities. We support the health and wellbeing of communities across the UK, helping people to live better.

Read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility and Charitable Trust.

Our commitment to giving