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Posted on27th July 2016

Ten-year-old Maisie Danher from Prenton, Wirral is set to compete at this year’s Westfield Health British Transplant Games in her home city of Liverpool and has been chosen to be a Westfield Health ambassador for the Games. Here her mum Jenny Danher tells us about Maisie’s story and how much her very special daughter is looking forward to taking part in the Games.

Every parent thinks that their children are special, however Maisie has been through so much in her life that Maisie’s Dad and I know that our little girl is extra special.

Maisie was born with a genetic liver disease and became critically ill when her health suddenly deteriorated in May 2010. She was placed in critical care at Birmingham children’s hospital and faced two nine hour operations just three days apart after her body rejected the first donor liver tissue.

We genuinely believe that Maisie would not be here today if a second donor match had not been available. It was touch and go whether she would be strong enough to survive the second transplant but, thanks to the amazing team at the hospital and the wonderful donor family, she did.

It’s incredible to look back and think how far Maisie has come in such a short space of time. Maisie has never once moaned about what she’s been though, she puts on a brave face and keeps smiling every day.

To look at her now you just wouldn’t think anything had happened. We sent a letter to the family of our donor expressing just how indebted we are for their ‘gift of life’. Thank you doesn’t seem to be a big enough word.

Maisie bounced back to health and just 15 months after her transplants Maisie competed at her first Westfield Health British Transplant Games in Belfast, where she won four medals including two golds.

Maisie absolutely loves taking part in the Westfield Health British Transplant Games and she is delighted that the Games are taking place in Liverpool this year as we live in Merseyside so she will have lots of family watching her competing and cheering her on.

This year she is taking part in the swimming events including backstroke, breaststroke as well as in the athletics in the 50m sprint, ball throw and obstacle race. Since her transplants she has taken part in the Games every year and it’s a great chance to meet up with her transplant buddies and win as many medals as possible for her team.

Maisie is delighted to have been asked to be a Westfield Health ambassador for the Games this year and she continues to make us all so very proud.

As a family we are very much looking forward to the Games this year and showing everyone in our home city the amazing benefits of transplantation and what a difference giving the ‘gift of life’ can make.

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