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Posted on25th October 2017

This week is Sleep Week, and The Children’s Sleep Charity are drawing attention to the lack of support given to parents to help children and young adults get the sleep they need.

Supporting sleep

At Westfield Health, we’re a big supporter of their Sleep Manifesto and I love the work the charity does. I’ve worked closely with them for over 5 years, from initially training with them, to taking on the role of Chair of Trustees. I’ve also acted as one of their sleep practitioners, led the largest teen sleep project in the UK on their behalf and although I am no longer involved day to day, I still help train their practitioners.

James Wilson presenting about sleep

It’s all about the kids

My work with the charity highlighted something that Westfield Health and I are trying to tackle in the workplace. You can be the best sleeper in the world, but if your child’s not sleeping, you’re not sleeping.

The charity taught me that the most important thing is for families to sleep well. I have taken that idea into the Sleep Well Work Well programme we have developed here at Westfield Health. We have a dedicated kids sleep seminar aimed at parents, and also provide our Sleep Well, Work Well sessions in schools, to help both teachers and pupils get the best sleep possible.

Sleep should be tailor made

Our combination of seminars and drop in clinics leads to amazing results. Our approach is about helping your colleagues understand their, their partners and their children’s sleep.

We don’t take a one size fits all approach and believe in helping individuals to develop a solution that works for them. Our partnership with the AWRC (Advanced Wellness Research Centre) at Sheffield Hallam University, the most advanced research and development centre for physical activity in the world, helps us to continuously evaluate and develop our approach.

A calmer night

Stephania, a parent who visited one of our drop in clinics after a sleep seminar, said “It’s been amazing. We’ve found that making the hour before bed a lot calmer – not playing with my son or having the TV on, but reading a book instead – has helped so much.

“We’ve also cut out music completely at bed time. I figured he didn’t need it to fall asleep, the problem was staying asleep – he would always wake up when the music stopped.

“He‘s slept through ever since. Touch wood it stays like this! Thank you so much for all your help.”

To find out more about our Sleep Well, Work Well programme and how we can help your colleagues help their children sleep better, get in touch [email protected]

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