Gathering feedback before, during and after rolling out a new wellbeing initiative helps you build a compelling case for further investment. In this video, Group Head of People Vicky Walker explains why feedback should always be the backbone of your strategy.

Video summary

It can be difficult to marry up business priorities with the support your people need, especially when faced with competing priorities for budget. Being able to demonstrate exactly what your people are asking for will help you target your spend where it has the most impact — and prove that your strategy is working. Collecting this data helps you:
  • Prioritise the support people really need.
  • Be flexible to adapt to their feedback.
  • Align this feedback with your organisational vision and business objectives.
  • More accurately report on the impact of wellbeing and progress against your targets.
Empower your people to have their say by using data from a variety of sources. You could include:
  • Employee wellbeing surveys
  • HR and absence data
  • Manager feedback
  • Focus groups
  • Investors in People assessments
  • Informal discussions
  • Suggestion boxes
Next, we’ll find out how to build an effective pulse survey.