What wellbeing trends will we see in 2023?

Explore the most-searched health and wellbeing topics and what we should expect from these trends looking forward to 2023.

Trend breakdown

Section 1: Opening up drives inclusivity

As awareness grows and searches for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) hit an all-time high, workers are opening up about personal issues and asking for more support from their employer. This section highlights the growing expectations around DEI at work and explores the importance of an open culture in improving inclusivity.

Section 2: Financial wellbeing

The cost-of-living crisis is now a key area of concern for the UK public, having a significant impact on mental and physical health. We look at the importance of financial wellbeing for both individuals and workplaces, and what we can expect as the crisis continues into 2023.

Section 3: Preventative health support

The past few years have changed how people think about their health. With health information at our fingertips, our focus is shifting away from quick fixes and towards a more holistic, whole-of-life approach. This section explores the trends we’ve seen over the last year and how individuals are taking a more proactive, preventative approach to healthcare.

Section 4: Embracing tech vs digital detox

The pandemic has sparked a healthcare renaissance, forcing existing services to go digital and accelerating the adoption of telephone GP appointments, virtual fitness classes and online counselling. We explore how the future of remote work and virtual offices are at odds with the growing demand for a digital detox.

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