Posted By Richard Holmes

Posted on20th May 2020

Exercise is a great way to beat stress, boost our mood and keep our bodies healthy, but finding time to fit in a home workout session after a long shift or between juggling home schooling and work can be hard.

There are two parts to getting active: the amount of time you spend exercising, but also the amount of sedentary time in your daily routine.

Even if you’re active during the day, sitting for more than an hour slows our metabolisms down, making us feel sluggish and sleepy.

We’ve found and tested ten 5-minute workouts that are easy to build into your morning or evening routine or even for a quick burst of activity during the day.

Morning yoga

Make it really easy to start your day as you mean to go on with this relaxing 5-minute morning yoga routine.

600 step samba workout

Find yourself sitting too much once you get home? Rack up your step count with this 600-step workout to cheesy classic copacabana.

No-weights arm toning

Tone up your arms without the need for weights with this 4-minute routine – see if you can keep those arms up all the way through!

5-minute move with Joe Wicks

The nation’s self-appointed PE teacher has a collection of 5-minute routines aimed at school-age children that can be done as a family or on your own – they’re tough for adults too!

Flat-belly abs with Jake DuPree

Wake up your core by taking five minutes to really focus on your abs – this one is tough.

Leg-toning workout

Combine cardio with lots of leg-toning moves in this 5-minute, HIIT-style workout.

Mini HIIT workout

Prefer to be the DJ? Put your own playlist on to tackle this challenging 5-minute HIIT routine with lots of dynamic movements.

Stress-busting cardio

Struggling to relax after work? Get rid of some stress with this quick cardio workout that centres on punches and kicks.

Take 5 yoga break

Take some time out to stretch and unwind with this super speedy 5-minute yoga practice.

Core challenge

Challenge yourself and your core with this 5-minute ab workout. With five back-to-back ab exercises for one minute each, this one will get your heart rate up.

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