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Posted on4th July 2024

Around one in three adults in the UK has high blood pressure and half of people with high blood pressure are not diagnosed or receiving treatment. It’s important to be vigilant and catch rises in blood pressure, cholesterol or blood glucose levels as early as possible.

People with high blood pressure may experience headaches, shortness of breath and nosebleeds. As the blood pressure levels increase, there is a greater risk of developing conditions such as kidney problems, changes in memory and a higher risk of a heart attack.

How can health and lifestyle screenings benefit your people?

Our Health and Lifestyle Screenings are mini health checks for your employees, measuring blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood glucose metrics, as well as other health metrics depending on the option you choose.

What to expect from a screening

The health checks measure blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood glucose metrics. A quick and painless finger prick procedure measures cholesterol and blood glucose levels. In the more in-depth checks height, weight and BMI, visceral fat, metabolic rate and other metrics will be measured, as well as asking exercise and lifestyle questions.

The only element businesses need to organise is a meeting room with a hard floor and to arrange bookings with your people – we’ll do the rest. The screenings take place at your workplace. The appointments are confidential and carried out by our expert coaches and results can be given instantly. We’ll provide you with promotional materials beforehand and we’ll bring the equipment on the day.

What to expect after the screening

On the day, each employee gets a personal report of their results that remain confidential between the coach and the employee. The coach will explain the results, give advice for making positive lifestyle changes and provide a GP referral letter if required.

After the screening day you’ll receive an anonymised report showing the employee participation levels, the number of GP referrals given and any recommendations based on the health profile of your organisation.

Example report:

Your employees also get one-month access to our wellbeing resources website covering a range of health and wellbeing topics to encourage healthy lifestyles and share information.

The business impact of promoting employee health

Our Health and Lifestyle Screenings help you to create a healthier company where employees feel supported, engaged and productive. By being proactive about employee health and wellbeing, businesses can help their people spot early signs of high blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood glucose metrics and encourage them to take preventive actions to improve their health.

Benefits of booking a health and lifestyle screening include:

  • Help employees feel engaged with their health
  • Employee feedback to help you monitor service quality
  • GP referrals for elevated blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood glucose
  • Recommendations based on the health profile of your organisation.

On a few occasions, the screenings identified underlying health concerns that led to employees seeing a GP for treatment. The precautionary reasons why the screenings were originally put in place paid off.

Sharon Robson, Head of PR and Brand Communications, Mattress Online

Read the full case study here.

How to book a Health and Lifestyle Screening for your business

For a limited time, you can receive a free pre-recorded wellbeing webinar for your employees (worth from £425) when you buy a Health and Lifestyle Screening day. Get in touch with your Westfield Health and Wellbeing Consultant or head to for more information.

The screening needs to take place between 22 July and 30 August. Terms and conditions apply.

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