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Posted on27th June 2024

The ‘On Track to Achieve’ (OTTA) program, run by our partners at Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, is a transformative initiative dedicated to building confidence, resilience, self-esteem and overall wellbeing among young people. The program places world-class athletes shoulder-to-shoulder with students in 12 local schools, delivering incredible community impact through inspiring mentorship, empowering young individuals to realise their potential.

In February 2024, ‘On Track to Achieve’ and Westfield Health were honoured with the Sports Gives Back Community Partnership Impact Award on national TV for its remarkable positive impact on over 300 young people in Sheffield.

Highlights and impact of the program

Through the partnership so far, we’ve supported over 300 young people in education via OTTA, delivered by dedicated athlete mentors. The initiative targets young people, including those with social workers, pupil premium, social and emotional mental health challenges, and those in need of positive role models. The program aims to enhance their confidence, resilience and wellbeing, instilling a winning mindset and empowering them to achieve their goals.

The OTTA program has made a profound impact on young people, especially those from deprived backgrounds. In its second year, the program increased young people’s confidence by 40%, self-esteem by 32%, and resilience by 33%.

Chart showing impact of DKHT year 2

What this change means for a young person

Increased Confidence (40%)
For a young person, a 40% increase in confidence means they’re more likely to speak up in class, participate in group activities, and take on new challenges. This newfound confidence can open doors to opportunities they might have previously thought were out of reach, which is particularly important in the case of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Enhanced Self-Esteem (32%)
A 32% boost in self-esteem means these young individuals start to see their own worth and potential. This can lead to setting higher personal goals, feeling proud of their achievements, and having a positive outlook on life. It helps them to believe in their abilities and aspire to greater things.

Strengthened Resilience (33%)
With a 33% increase in resilience, young people become better equipped to handle setbacks and challenges. This means they can cope more effectively with difficult home circumstances, school pressures, and societal challenges. Resilience empowers them to bounce back from adversity and continue striving towards their goals.

“At the start I had a lot of anger issues, and my mentor has helped me manage those feelings through sport — he helped me support myself and others.”

— Fabian, a student who participated in the On Track to Achieve programme

The impact on their future

This transformative change means these young people are more likely to stay engaged in education, pursue higher education, or secure meaningful employment. They’re better prepared to build healthy relationships, contribute positively to their communities, and break the cycle of deprivation. With increased confidence, self-esteem and resilience, they have the tools to create a brighter, more successful future for themselves.

The ‘On Track to Achieve’ program is not just about immediate improvements; it’s about laying the foundation for lifelong success and wellbeing, empowering young people to transform their lives and reach their full potential.

Watch: celebrating Team Sheffield at the Sport Gives Back Awards

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