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Posted on21st July 2021

More people than you think are walking around without perfect vision, 74% of people in the UK either wear corrective eyewear or have had laser eye surgery. Having less than perfect eyesight is quite common. Corrective eyewear helps you see better and reduces the chances of getting common side effects such as migraines or eye strain.

For the majority of the population, eyecare is something we have to fund ourselves and the cost of prescription glasses and contact lenses can add up. As eyecare is essential for those who need prescriptions, many people will just pay the price without considering if there’s a different way that could save money. Alternatively, some may just skip on eyecare completely to avoid short-term costs, risking their eye health in the long run.

How much do we spend on our eyes?

Although eye tests aren’t particularly expensive, the upkeep of glasses or contact lenses can add up if you aren’t prepared. Not only this but having bad eyesight is essentially a permanent condition and typically gets worse as we age. The amount spent on eye care just adds up over the course of our lives.

Eye tests

Depending on where you have your appointment, eye tests tend to cost around £20-30. The average person should get their eyes tested at least every two years, or if you ever notice a change in your vision. People who have particularly bad sight might be recommended to have eye tests more often to ensure their prescription is always appropriate.

Prescription glasses

The amount you spend on glasses depends on the style and brand you opt for. Designer brands are naturally more expensive, so if you’re wanting to keep the costs lower, opt for a more affordable option. For a pair of glasses, including frames and lenses, it generally costs about £170. Keep in mind that additional features could increase the cost, such as if you want your lenses to be slimmed or if you choose transition lenses.

Contact lenses

With contact lenses, the price you pay depends on the option you go for. You can get lenses in either monthly or daily packs, with the daily ones working out to be more expensive than the monthly version. For monthly lenses, you are looking at paying around £28 a month, with a 3 month supply of lens solution being roughly £15.

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Save money on your eyecare

With a health cash plan, you can pay monthly to fund eye tests or prescriptions. You’ll also be covered for a range of other medical expenses, such as dental care or therapy treatments. The amount of cover you receive for optical care will depend on the level of health cash plan you opt for. At Westfield Health, we have plans that range between level 1 and 5, so there will be an option that suits your needs and budget.

What’s covered on the optical benefit?

For optical care the benefit period spreads over two years, so you can claim back the total allowance over two years. For those with a level 3 health cash plan, our most popular level, you can claim back up to £145. We will cover 100% of the cost, up to the maximum for your plan level. This includes cover for:

  • Eyes tests
  • Prescription glasses, sunglasses and/or contact lenses
  • Solutions for use with your prescribed contact lenses
  • Prescription lenses to an existing frame
  • Repairs to prescription glasses
  • Payments that you make for prescription contact lenses supplied under a monthly scheme when you obtain the receipt

Having a health cash plan helps ease the worry when those charges crop up, or if you have a glasses emergency and unexpectedly have to pay for a new pair. They can even help you to treat yourself to some designer frames rather than opt for the cheapest pair.

Cut costs on eyecare with a health cash plan

If you have to regularly visit the optician or need corrective eyewear, then a health cash plan could help save you money. For more information about prices, levels and what you are covered for, visit our health cash plan page.

If you want to find out more about how much you could save with a health cash plan, we have an easy to use savings calculator.

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