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Posted on25th June 2021

The healthcare landscape is more prominent than ever before, and more people are looking at how they can invest in their health. In the UK we are fortunate enough to have a free national health service, but this doesn’t cover all of our healthcare. Prescriptions, dental appointments and eyecare are a few examples of healthcare that isn’t covered by the NHS. Although these are just as essential to keep on top of, people will often put them off either because they’ve forgotten or they struggle with the upfront costs.

A health cash plan allows you to claim money back towards the cost of your essential medical care. Health cash plans cover much more than just optical and dental bills: chiropody, therapy treatments, homoeopathy, maternity/paternity/adoption and day surgery are just some examples. This is an affordable way to claim money back towards essential health costs, avoiding being hit by a big bill when you do have to attend appointments. Health cash plans are available for both individuals and businesses, with dependent children often covered.

How do health cash plans work?

We have five different levels of health cash plans available. Each one works by paying a standard monthly fee, ranging from £8.09 for level 1 to £49.39 for level 5. The amount you can claim back for your medical treatments and appointments depends on the level you choose, with each having a different set limit.

Claiming your money back is simple. You just make an appointment or pick up your prescription as normal and then make sure you keep hold of your receipt. After you have paid, you can submit the receipt to us either online or through the post then get reimbursed for your treatment. Claims and payments are usually processed quickly, so you won’t be out of pocket for long.

Will I save money?

There are many reasons people decide getting a health cash plan is worth it for them, but a big deciding factor for most people is the fact that it could save them money. When you think about how often we use healthcare services, the costs add up.

The amount of money you save will depend on your circumstances as well as the level of cover you choose. You can use our savings calculator to help you estimate how much you could save with a health cash plan. This will also give you a better idea of what plan level is the most suitable for you.

What am I covered for?

Our health cash plans consist of many different services and benefits. With your plan you’re covered for a range of essential healthcare:

  • Optical – prescription glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses and eye tests
  • Dental – check-ups, treatments, clean and polish, braces, dentures and more
  • Therapy treatments – physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy and homoeopathy
  • Cover for your children – included on key benefits at no extra cost
  • Chiropody – chiropody and podiatry consultations, assessment and treatment
  • Prescription charges – NHS/private prescription charges on levels 3, 4 and 5
  • Health screening – full health screening, breast screening, heart screening and more
  • Maternity / Paternity / Adoption – fixed cash payout per new baby/adoption

You can read more about the levels available and the amount you can claim back for each category by reading our health cash plan guide.

Investing in your health

One example of how a health cash plan can help you to invest in your health is with dental treatment. Dentists have reported that they are seeing an increasing number of people choosing to wait for more teeth to fall out before paying for a denture. Similarly, patients are waiting for more than one tooth to require a crown so it can be classed as part of the same course of treatment. They’re also seeing increasing numbers fail to show up for treatment or even disappear halfway through a course of appointments because they don’t have enough money.

Dental issues can be painful to live with, so it’s important that if you’re having issues you go and visit your dentist for the appropriate treatment. Having a health cash plan covers you for essential dental care, meaning that when these issues do crop up you can go to your dentist without the stress of not being able to afford your course of treatment.

The benefits of having a health cash plan

As well as what you are covered for, you get a range of other extra benefits when you choose Westfield Health. These include:

  • DoctorlineTM – 24/7 telephone access to a prescribing UK GP, from anywhere in the world
  • 24 Hour Helpline – 24/7 telephone access to a counsellor and legal, debt and medical advice
  • Westfield Rewards – exclusive offers and discounts from hundreds of popular retailers, restaurants and destinations
  • Gym Discounts – exclusive discounts on gym memberships including Virgin Active, Fitness First and more
  • Eldercare – telephone Care Advisory Services and care after hospital for you/ your/ your partner’s elderly relatives
  • Personal Accident & Accidental Death – cash payouts to help you and your family if the worst should happen

Find out more about health cash plans

A health cash plan is a great way to save money on a range of healthcare treatments. By choosing a Westfield Health health cash plan, you invest in your own health and protect yourself financially.

You can find out more about our plans and the levels available by reading our definitive health cash plan guide.

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