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What is a health cash plan and why do I need one?

What is a health cash plan?

Dental check-ups and treatment, contact lenses, glasses… do you pay for these regularly?

A health cash plan is a fantastic and affordable way to claim money back towards these essential health costs.

Health cash plans also cover much more than just optical and dental bills: chiropody, therapy treatments, homeopathy, maternity/paternity/adoption, and day surgery for example… the list goes on and on.

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How do I claim my money back?

  1. Save the receipts from your health expenses
  2. Submit them as a claim
  3. Receive the money back quickly

Why do I need one?

You can get your money paid straight back into your bank account… and more! Health cash plans also provide access to valuable health and wellbeing services such as 24 hour GP services, gym membership discounts, 24 hour counselling and advice lines, and second medical opinion services. Some even come with exclusive online discounts for your favourite retailers - another great way to save money.

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Cover for your dependent children is often included in your plan, so this can effectively double your benefit allowance if your partner purchases a plan at the same level as you too.

So whether you’re a savvy saver, a family on a budget, a health advocate, or just looking for peace of mind and cash back for essential costs, a health cash plan is for you. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family too - knowing they’re healthy, happy and saving money is another guaranteed benefit, and they’ll thank you for it!

How do I make a claim?

It couldn’t be simpler. Claims and payments are usually processed very quickly, meaning you won’t be out of pocket for long. Most providers now accept claims online or through an app, making the process even simpler and swifter.

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Maria 09 Dec 2018

I would to do a family one kids or 25 and 23 and still live at home is there anything you can do please

Hi Maria,
Thanks for getting in touch. Our Good4you health cash plan covers dependent children up to the age of 18 on key benefits. After that, they would have to purchase their own policy to benefit from the cover.

Best wishes
The Westfield Health Team

Pete 22 Oct 2018

Could i get private treatment for my wifes birth.

Hi Pete,

You can claim cashback on the maternity/paternity/adoption benefit when a baby is born, up to set limits, but it also carries a 10 month qualifying period before you can claim. This means that if the baby is born within the qualifying period you won't be able to claim.

Best wishes
The Westfield Health Team

rita 12 Feb 2018

hi I have a private medical insurance with cigna. can I get a separate insurance for dental only?

Hello Rita,
We’re sorry, but we don’t offer any plan which provides cover for one type of benefit only, such as dental.

Our Good4you plan looks to provide a wide range of cover for different benefits, such as dental, optical, and therapy treatments.

Best wishes
The Westfield Health Team