Posted By James Wilson

Posted on21st March 2017

The first part of my work with Westfield Health was delivering some sleep 101 workshops for staff members who had self-referred. The basis of the sessions was to give a basic understanding of sleep, as well as general but effective advice on how to sleep better. I will be writing a future blog on the quantifiable results we have seen from the sessions but I wanted to write this blog on the intangibles, on how the Sleep 101 sessions have affected the culture at Westfield Health.

The Sleep 101 sessions have created a real buzz about the place! As my session covers lots of different aspects of sleep we have seen lots of positive actions. From Tony, the concierge investing in new pillows to a colleague in IT rejigging their whole pre-sleep routine to combat sleep deprivation-inducing parasomnia, Westfield Healthians (I think that is the collective term) have been thinking about their sleep in a way that they have never done before.

The best thing about it for me is that wherever I go in the company (I have an office on the ground floor of Westfield House) people are talking to me about sleep. Asking my advice on mattress purchases, telling me what changes they have made to their kid’s sleep routine, or asking me if I think they may have a serious sleep disorder, I am making a real difference to how the company is sleeping. As sleep is the foundation on which the rest of their health is built, they are starting to see a big impact on their overall health. They feel more alert during the day and feel that they are more productive. So they feel better, they are working better (and smarter, as sleep helps the consolidation of memory) and the company is reaping the benefits.

Isn’t sleep brilliant!

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