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Posted on30th March 2017

Sleep. We all need it and we all do it (some of us better than others). It’s also vital, not just to our physical wellbeing but our emotional wellbeing too, as well as being linked to productivity and good all round general health.

With this in mind we’re on a mission to help improve our staff’s sleep health. We want our people to be the very best they can be, both when at work and in their daily life too.

So, with the help of acclaimed sleep expert and our Sleep Ambassador, James Wilson (aka The Sleep Geek) we set about asking our staff a series of questions relating to their sleep behaviours, to fully understand how much of an issue sleep is for people. We took the information from the surveys and James ran a number of tailored ‘Sleep 101’ workshops, to support people with their specific sleep issues and concerns.

And the results are in!

James says, “The results are amazing and reinforces how our approach has really worked and had an impact on people’s health and wellbeing. It’s also reaffirmed my belief that you can have a positive influence on a person’s sleep in a relatively short amount of time, and that solving sleep issues doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. If you give people the information that allows them to understand their own sleep and the tools to implement behavioral and environmental changes then, as we have seen at Westfield Health, the effect can be amazing.

Would you like your staff to sleep better at night and be more productive in the day? If so, please get in touch at: [email protected].

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