Our business health insurance has the power to help you lower absence rates, increase productivity and improve employee engagement by showing you put your staff’s needs first.

We us a consultative approach to gain an understanding of your challenges and work with you to help you achieve your business health and wellbeing objectives.

From improving the engagement and productivity of employees when they’re at work, to reducing the number of days and money lost to absence, our employee health insurance delivers tangible benefits and a return on investment.

Over 8,000 businesses trust us to look after the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Employee Health Cash Plans

Help your employees’ salaries go further with money back on essential healthcare such as optical, dental therapy treatments and more.

Staff also have access to valuable health and wellbeing services, such as 24/7 telephone access to a GP and 24 hour helpline for legal and debt advice, or to speak to a counsellor.

Private Health Insurance for Employees

Provides your employees with immediate cover for new conditions and affordable, fast access to private surgery.

Addressing your company health insurance needs means your staff can be treated quicker and back to health and work far sooner.

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