After over a year of change and adaptation, what will our workplaces look like in the new normal? As the Government continues to ease restrictions, business leaders must consider how the future will impact their workplace. More importantly, they must consider how it will impact their people.

For many businesses, the pandemic has accelerated workplace wellbeing initiatives and pushed through flexible working plans. It has highlighted the advantages and limitations of traditional workplaces and created divisions by sector and working style. With the workforce divided, how can businesses move forward to create modern and adaptable environments which enable their people to thrive?

We asked 1,500 people across the UK about their future work plans and wellbeing needs. We set out to understand how the workforce is feeling and what businesses can do to help them adapt.

The report explores what to expect from the new normal, how the return to work might differ across sectors and the impact of the right support on wellbeing, engagement and productivity.

Sector factsheets

Each sector has had to adapt to its own unique challenges, and employees have experienced the pandemic differently as a result. Our factsheets explore how individual sectors are approaching the new normal, how this differs from the UK average and what support people need from their employer.

Webinar – The future of work: supporting your employees with change and uncertainty

Watch our recent webinar where our expert panel discuss how the Covid-19 restrictions have affected the manufacturing and construction sectors and the impact of the right support on wellbeing, engagement and productivity.

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What you’ll learn:

  • How the nation is feeling about the future of the workplace and why we need to address the issues
  • What wellbeing support employees in the manufacturing and construction industry want
  • How industry champion Make UK have supported their members during the pandemic
  • How manufacturing company Airmaster have been supporting their employee wellbeing
  • Practical tips for helping your people cope with change and uncertainty

Resources for HR professionals

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COVID-19 resource centre

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