Access to independent advice and support to help make the best possible care decisions

How do I access these services?

Telephone Care Advisory Services

Call 0114 303 1060

Care After Hospital

Call 0114 303 0176

(Available 8:30am – 5:30pm UK time, Monday to Friday except Christmas Eve and public holidays. Call charges may apply)

You’ll be asked for your Westfield Health account number.

Telephone Care Advisory Services

Care advisors are all specialists in their own field and trained to provide advice in a professional and empathetic way. From the first sign of needing care to an urgent situation, they’re there to provide you with expert advice and support on a wide range of care issues.

What do you get?

  • Helps to reduce worry during an emotional and unsettling time
  • Care advisors listen to your needs and wishes and discuss your situation in great detail
  • Care options and research into the most suitable care providers
  • Support and guidance through your next steps, providing information and advice to help you resolve your care issues
  • Advice on the statutory services and funding which you may be eligible for
  • Confidence that you or your elderly loved ones are receiving the right care, and are comfortable and well looked after
  • The care advisory team can help you with your role as a carer.
  • Understand your rights, navigate NHS/Private residential and home care choices, resolve care issues.
  • Get practical and emotional support for your caring responsibilities.
Policyholders have unlimited access to Telephone Care Advisory Services, available to support them with their own care or any of their/their partner’s elderly relatives aged 65 or over. This is any relative aged 65 or over, including your partner, parents, aunts, uncles, etc, but excludes friends and neighbours. If you have any questions check out our Eldercare and Care after Hospital FAQ here.

Care After Hospital

Provides up to 18 hours of home care following an overnight stay in hospital, shared between the policyholder and one relative aged 65 or over (policyholder’s partner or policyholder’s parent).
  • Help finding the right home care package for you
  • Research into appropriate care providers
  • A written report of the best options for you to make an informed choice
  • Up to 18 hours of Home Care services in any 12 consecutive months.
  • Payments for the first 18 hours of Home Care, at the money back rate that applies to your level of cover, paid on your behalf.
  • Care After Hospital is not a cash benefit: you must follow the simple steps detailed in the Care after Hospital benefit rule in your plan guide so that the care advisory team can find the Home Care for you.

Our customer stories

"Janet contacted us because her mother Margaret had a stroke and had been advised that, due to the high level of her nursing need, she now needed to move into a care home with nursing."

"Ronald, 84, had a fall and fractured his left arm which required surgery. He was due for discharge imminently but his wife, Maureen, was concerned that she may not be able to help him dress as her fine motor skills were poor due to arthritis."

"Robert and Jean have been married for 50 years and have lived in the family home since the 70s. Their children flew the nest many years ago, with only a daughter remaining nearby. She herself works full time and has two children at school."