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Signs of leavism

5 signs you could be experiencing leavism

According to new research* from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal Development), 69% of employees have said leavism has occurred in their workplace in the past year.

So what exactly does leavism mean? And could you unknowingly be suffering from it?

It’s the latest coined phrase to define working during non-paid hours or annual leave.

Here’s 5 signs you could be a victim:

  1. You’re constantly checking your emails

    One of the biggest indicators you’re a victim of leavism is that you can’t be without your phone, and you’re constantly checking emails. Even when you’re not there, you can’t help but keep track of what’s going on back in the office.

  2. You’re too scared to book a holiday

    Research shows almost a quarter (23%) of workers in the UK struggle to book time off**. Another common trait of leavism is not taking your allocated annual leave, because you’re too anxious to leave work in other people’s hands.

  3. You don’t trust your colleagues

    You don’t have faith in your colleagues to take control whilst you’re not there. You’re so used to giving yourself full responsibility for jobs, you pile on the pressure as a result of not delegating.

  4. You cancel your annual leave last minute

    Even if you have booked holidays in, you end up cancelling them when important days at work crop up during the time you’d be away.

  5. You’ve failed to meet a deadline
    Before taking annual leave, you’re unprepared and haven’t managed to get through all the tasks on your list. Instead of handing them over to a colleague, you take them on holiday with you and finish them off then.

Does any of the above sound familiar? For your mental and physical wellbeing, make sure you take a break and don’t become a victim of leavsim.

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