Posted By Richard Holmes

Posted on18th March 2020

Organisations across the globe are constantly reviewing and removing online misinformation about COVID-19. However, with false claims spreading rapidly across social media, businesses need to remain vigilant when sourcing information and seeking guidance.

These dangerous myths about coronavirus can put your business and your employees at risk, from causing unnecessary feelings of panic to people practising unsafe preventative measures and ‘cures’.

The spread of false information can also make it difficult to identify what’s reliable when it comes to how your business should respond to the pandemic.

It’s important to only use trustworthy sources when seeking advice, so we’ve pulled together a list of regularly updated, reliable sources of information on COVID-19.

As the situation is changing rapidly, it’s a good idea to bookmark these and check back on a daily basis.

Reliable UK sources for coronavirus advice

The NHS is regularly reviewing and updating their coronavirus guidance. There’s information on everything from the symptoms and what to do if you suspect you have coronavirus to preventative advice such as social distancing and self-isolation. Use this link to find out the latest advice:

The UK government is regularly updating its response to the outbreak, with the most up-to-date guidance being published on the dedicated coronavirus response page on the government website. This includes guidance for employers and businesses and travel advice:

Public Health England (PHE) are publishing statistics on the number of UK infections on a daily basis here:

You can find out how many cases are currently in your area using the PHE coronavirus tracker:

If a member of staff is experiencing severe symptoms of coronavirus or is self-isolating and can no longer manage their symptoms at home, refer them to the online NHS 111 coronavirus symptom online assessment.

Next steps

Whilst there’s a lot of concern and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that you only use reliable sources of information to ensure that you are making the right decisions to keep your employees and your business safe.

We know it can be difficult to put together a plan for your business in relation to the ever-changing government advice and then be able to communicate this effectively. That’s why we’ve put together a guide for employers on how to manage and communicate the outbreak within your organisation, featuring response plan templates to help you shape your strategy and communications. Download the free guide here.

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