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Posted on8th November 2017

Although starting university is an exciting milestone, there are lots of challenges facing students leaving home for the first time. They have to feed and water themselves independently, and manage a budget, alongside the stresses and strains of their course.

Keeping themselves happy and healthy is more challenging than it may seem. Higher fees and an increasingly competitive job market are placing more pressure on students than ever. Eight out of ten students say they experienced mental health issues in the last year, according to the NUS.

There are many ways you can help support your child at university. As well as emotional support and open communication, help in easing the financial pressures of university can go a long way.

A health cash plan can ease the costs of everyday healthcare essentials. They offer a variety of services to improve general health and wellbeing. We’ve taken a look at just some of the ways they can help support students at university.

Support with everyday health care costs

Everyone knows that money’s tight for students and bills can pile up. The cost of everyday health essentials only adds to this. Putting off treatment because of a lack of funds can be hugely detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

Cash plans offer cash back for those healthcare necessities, to ensure students can pay as and when they need to. Dental check-ups and treatment, prescription glasses and contact lenses are usually covered. Some plans will even cover the cost of doctor’s prescriptions. Claims can often be made online and money is paid straight into their bank account to ensure the impact of shelling out is as small as possible.

24 hour GP access

When students first start university, registering for a doctor is often the last thing on their mind. But with the change in routine, more opportunities for late nights and the close proximity to other students, illness can set in quickly. This leaves students in the position of having to find and register for a GP once they’re already ill.

Some cash plans can offer 24/7 access to a GP over the telephone, as well as online video appointments. This ensures students are seen straightaway and get on the road back to health. They can oftenprescribe over the phone too.

Mental Health

With many commentators citing a university mental health ‘crisis’, it’s clear that student mental health must be taken seriously. Many universities will have help and support available on campus, however there are fears they’re finding it difficult to cope with the increasing demand.

Cash plans usually include counselling and help lines, which grant instant access to professional, anonymous advice. It offers students the support they need, when they need it most.

Physical wellbeing

Students have the opportunity to join a huge range of sports societies and get involved in lots of different types of exercise and healthy activities. To compliment this, cash plans will often include Gym and Health Club discounts to help cut the cost of burning off those pints and pizzas.

If something goes wrong and results in an injury, accessing a physiotherapist can mean a lengthy wait. Cash plans can cover the cost of physiotherapy, giving students access to instant care to ensure recovery times are as short as possible. Chiropractic and chiropody tend to be covered too.

Flexibility to suit them

Students live hectic lives with schedules that change regularly, so access to flexible, always-on services is key. Many young people will take the opportunity to travel before or after uni, or even during their summer holidays, so should look for a plan that offers worldwide cover on the benefits provided.

Money Saving

Although money’s tight, students should still be able to treat themselves. With the shopping rewards and discounts offered by many cash plans, they can ensure they’re always buying things at the best price.

A parent’s guide to student wellbeing

Download our free guide for more information on how to support your child in the transition to university life.

A health cash plan is a great way to help students to stay happy and healthy at university. Click here for more information about our Good4you cash plan.

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