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Posted on7th February 2023

Looking after your health and wellbeing has never been more important, but unfortunately, this often comes at a cost that you aren’t prepared for. A health cash plan allows you to claim money back on essential health care, up to set limits, while giving you access to valuable health and wellbeing services. With a range of benefits included, there are various ways you could use them to save money. Read on to find out how to make the most of yours.

Making the most of your health cash plan

Claim money back, up to set limits

With our health cash plan, you can claim cash back on everyday health expenses, up to the limits of your plan. You can rest assured that your cover will help with your bills, so it’s a great way to help you budget for your everyday health costs.

You can choose from five levels of cover to find a price to suit your budget. See how much you could save annually with our online Savings Calculator.

Cover for children

The costs of your kids’ essential healthcare can add up, especially if they need glasses that cost more than the NHS voucher you receive or you’re unable to get in with an NHS dentist.

With our health cash plan, they’re covered by the optical, dental and dental accident benefits as part of your plan at no extra cost. We define dependent children as those who are under 18, living in the UK and living with you or financially dependent on you.

Westfield Rewards

Westfield Rewards is our discounts platform that gives you cashback and offers at hundreds of retailers, restaurants and destinations, including money off your weekly shop at the following stores:

  • 4% Asda online and in-store
  • 5% Sainsbury’s online and in-store
  • 5% Morrisons in-store
  • 7% B&M in-store

Plus money saving and cashback on other everyday expenses like insurance, clothing, DIY, broadband, phone contracts and more. (Savings correct as of February 2023)


Finding the time to book an appointment with your GP and then having to go in and for the appointment can be difficult.

DoctorLine is a 24-hour GP phone line that can get you a timely telephone or webcam appointment with a doctor without even having to leave the house. This means you don’t have to worry about having to take time off work or the cost of travel to and from appointments.

Gym Discounts

We know that health doesn’t stop at medical attention, which is why having a health cash plan with us means you can also get discounts on memberships at selected gyms. You can save up to 30% on a membership with our Gym Discounts, and you could even get a discount on your existing membership if you’re already signed up at a gym.

24-hour Advice and Information Line

Get advice on various issues including medical issues, money worries, tax information and housing concerns from trained counsellors, legal advisors and nurses.

Typically this type of advice is only available as a paid for service, so being able to access this for free can be really beneficial if you find yourself in need of advice or information.

Find out more about our health cash plan

A health cash plan is a great way to save money on a range of healthcare treatments. By choosing a Westfield Health health cash plan, you invest in your own health and protect yourself financially. If you don’t have a cash plan, you can see the prices and apply today by visiting our health cash plan page.

For more help and advice on looking after your wellbeing in the cost-of-living crisis you can download our free guide.

Looking after your wellbeing during the cost of living crisis

Looking after your wellbeing during the cost of living crisis

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