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A staggering 84% of Brits are failing to achieve the amount of physical activity recommended by the NHS, and workers are calling out for support from their employers.

More than two-thirds of employees (67%) believe its an employers responsibility to support their physical wellbeing.

HR professionals recognise the benefits: 74% agree that physical activity reduces absenteeism, yet almost half (44%) are not considering investing in physical activity provisions for their workplace.

A responsibility and an opportunity

The majority of people know the NHS guidelines and know the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. Our Wellbeing Index reveals that its not a lack of awareness that’s the problem, it’s a lack of responsibility.

This latest report takes a close look at how active we are as a nation, barriers and motivations to exercise and how employees expect businesses to step up.

See the key findings from the report in the highlights video below:

City league table

Since our last Index, we’ve seen some significant shifts in the city league table, our benchmark for wellbeing across the UK which takes into account physical, financial, social and mental wellbeing. Where does your city fall?

Click your nearest city below to access a free regional specific fact sheet:

London 01 01
Nottingham 02 02
Plymouth 03 09
Birmingham 04 06
Bristol 05 08
Norwich 05 08
Southampton 07 03
Newcastle 08 04
Liverpool 09 07
Glasgow 10 13
Leeds 11 14
Manchester 12 12
Belfast 13 11
Edinburgh 14 10
Cardiff 15 15
Brighton 16 16
Sheffield 17 17

Download our Wellbeing Index

When budgets are tight, we know it can be difficult to make the case for proactive investment. Our Wellbeing Index highlights how ignoring people’s physical wellbeing can have a significant impact on the bottom line and provides insight on how organisations can take action to protect the health of their people and their business:

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