Has Britain reached boiling point? With 57% of HR professionals saying they notice staff suffering from burnout over the summer, this report takes a closer look at the mounting pressures faced by employees across the UK.

Despite recovery time being essential to wellbeing, our research shows that summer can actually be a pressure-filled season, particularly for working parents and under 34s.

Leavism – when employees continue to work outside of contracted hours or whilst on annual leave - becomes an issue, with over a third of people feeling like their employer expects them to be on standby or thinking about work during annual leave. Shockingly 11% admit to responding to work emails or calls whilst on holiday.

02 | The Perfect Summer Storm

Not only does the Wellbeing Index analyse trends, the report delves deeper into the state of the nation’s wellbeing, both at home and in the workplace. See the key findings in the highlights video below:

Since our last Index, we’ve seen some significant shifts in the city league table, our benchmark for wellbeing across the UK which takes into account physical, financial, social and mental wellbeing. Where does your city fall?

League table

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Read more about regional trends, national wellbeing statistics and actionable strategies on how your organisation can avoid the perfect summer storm in the full Wellbeing Index:

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