Stress in the workplace is rising and pressure on the job is having a detrimental effect on wellbeing. Our first Wellbeing Index shines a spotlight on the mental health crisis facing the UK’s workplaces and the serious impact stress can have on employees. Key stats include:

61% of HR professionals identify mental health related issues as the main reason for absence

40% of workers have taken time off work due to mental ill health, but have given their employer a different reason for their absence

67% of HR professionals say that leavism – employees working outside of contracted hours, on annual leave and on sick days – is a problem in their organisation

31% of workers feel that their company doesn’t take mental health seriously

01 | Spotlighting Stress

We surveyed UK employees and HR professionals to create a barometer of the nation’s wellbeing across key areas; financial, physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Index identifies trends in wellbeing, threats that face UK businesses and explores how employers and employees can build a happier, healthier and more productive nation.

Watch the below video to find see the highlights:

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