Posted By Richard Holmes

Posted on21st January 2019

Blue Monday – it’s the third Monday of the first month of the year and in 2019, it’s the 21st January.

Our Director of Wellbeing, Richard Holmes, dispels the myth of ‘Blue Monday’ and urges us to consider how depression is an issue that affects many people all year round, not just on the third Monday of the year:

According to a series of factors, it’s given this title as it’s deemed the most depressing day of the year. Christmas cheer is well and truly a distant memory, money is running dry, and it’s usually cold and grim outside.

Though these contributing factors might result in us feeling gloomier than we usually are, saying we are ‘depressed’ on Blue Monday is not a term to be thrown around, and should be taken seriously.

It’s easy to label ‘Blue Monday’ as the most ‘depressing’ day of the year, but we must all understand depression is a very serious issue and a term that shouldn’t be used lightly.

January can be a tough time of year, so here we outline some small steps you can take to stay positive and healthy:

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