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Posted on28th April 2016

When Jill first saw the 3rings technology on Dragons’ Den last summer, straight away she felt it was something that could really add value to people’s lives and something she believed Westfield Health could be involved in.

Several months later, as proud investors in the 3rings technology and her vision now realised, it was only natural that she was our very first 3rings customer!

Jill’s father was a real driving force behind her desire to get the 3rings message out there.  Still living independently at 91, her dad has always been very active with a good social life.  In recent years, though still mentally strong, Jill and her family had seen him start to slow down. As a keen golfer, they noticed he was playing golf less and staying at home more. 

He now prefers a comfortable routine of setting his alarm at the same time each morning, going to fetch his daily newspaper and putting the kettle on for his morning cup of tea. It’s this ‘pattern of active life’ that is the simple genius behind the technology, which monitors any changes in daily routine.

When Jill mentioned 3rings to him, he was really interested and pleased to get involved. The decision to make the purchase was very much a joint one. He was involved in the whole process and really fascinated in how the plug works, using inbuilt mobile phone technology to send comforting daily text messages directly to his family’s mobile phones, when the device it’s plugged into is used.

So, just by having his kettle plugged into 3rings, Jill and her family get daily peace of mind when they can’t be there, letting them know that he is up, out of bed and active. If no activity is detected they get an alert so they can check he’s OK. And, because his family know his routine well, setting the times for when they want to check he’s OK was simple.

As Jill can confirm, buying and setting up the plug was easy too.  With a quick online payment and a simple step by step guide to activation, the whole journey is really straightforward. Backed up, as always, by quality customer care.

Jill’s dad continues to live happily and independently in his own home, which is so important to him and means the whole family are happy too.

In fact, since launching the plug, we’ve found it’s not just something that can help people’s ageing loved ones.  It may also be valuable to other vulnerable groups such as those with early Alzheimer’s, learning difficulties and people in ill health or recovering from injury.

And, as Jill puts it, that’s what we are all about at Westfield Health: helping people.  With our expanding range of innovative health and wellbeing products and services, we’re confident that we will make a huge difference to people’s quality of life. And the more people we can help to live independently in their own homes for longer, the better.

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