Our health cash plans make your people feel valued and encourage them to think proactively about their health. They also have one other very healthy benefit; they can help to reduce absenteeism and related costs.

Good for your staff, good for your business too


Our award winning health cash plans give your employees cashback on essential health care and access to valuable health and wellbeing services.

A happier and healthier workforce is a more productive workforce. From our years of experience working with over 8,000 companies of all sizes, we’ve developed plans to meet the individual needs of your business.

Employees will always be able to pay for essential health care. Our DoctorLine™ service gives 24/7 telephone access to speak to a GP, from anywhere in the world, to ensure they’re diagnosed and back to work as soon as possible. They can also access our 24 hour helpline for legal and debt advice, or to speak to a counsellor.


Employer benefits:

  • 61% of employers say their health cover helps them to be seen as an employer of choice (Employee Benefits Healthcare Research 2013)
  • 85% of employers say minor ailments are the biggest cause of sickness absence - that’s why our DoctorLine™ service provides 24/7 telephone GP access
  • Over 70% of DoctorLine™ consultations result in an effective diagnosis and treatment without further referral

Employee benefits:

  • Helps employees’ salaries go further with money back for eyecare, dental treatment, physio and more
  • Encourages staff to think proactively about their health
  • Improves employee health by offering access to wellbeing services
  • Works alongside our Surgery Choices or existing PMI to provide more comprehensive cover

Compare health cover solutions

Benefits Health cash plansHCP Surgery ChoicesHTI Combined solutionHCP
Routine dental x
Routine optical x
Therapy treatments x
Chiropody x
Consultation x
MRI, CT and PET scanning x
24hr Counselling and Advice Line x
24hr telephone GP access x
Children's cover on key benefits x
Non-urgent surgery x
Surgeon / physician fees x
Anaesthetist fees x
Patient accommodation and meals x
Drugs and dressings x
Inpatient tests, as part of a surgical procedure x
Surgical complications within 30 days x
Cancer / Heart treatment x x x
Psychiatric inpatient x x x

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