The importance of sleep

Sleep is a fundamental part of what we do, aiding our physical recovery, emotional resilience and memory. It forms the very basis of a healthy lifestyle, underpinning everything we do and allowing us to function and perform to our very best, day to day.

Sleep Triangle

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - It's important to achieve the right balance between all elements, otherwise our overall health & wellbeing can suffer.

Nutrition - Poor sleep habits can lead to poor nutrition as we tend to make unhealthier meal choices when we're tired. Sleep depravation has also been linked to a number of health risks such as obesity and diabetes.

Sleep - Regularly having the right amount of good quality sleep, combined with a balanced diet and active lifestyle can help improve our energy levels and increase our motivation whilst also boosting our immunity.

Exercise - Exercising in sync with our sleep cycles can help us maximise the health benefits. Exercising in the morning helps to boost our metabolism and kick start our day. However, exercising before bed can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep.

Lack of sleep is a growing issue.  As a nation, we’re sleeping 20% less than we did 40 years ago - our stressed lifestyles and access to technology making the distinction between work and home lives blurred, so it’s increasingly difficult to switch off and relax – which can lead to sleep problems.

Sleep has a direct impact on our performance and productivity. As a business, your people are your best asset – so helping them to sleep better will help them to perform to their full potential too.

The costs associated with a lack of sleep are high…

Sleep deprivation costs the UK economy £40bn a year in terms of lower productivity at work and the impact on absence.
(Source: RAND Europe Study Sept 2016)

The sleep aids industry is a growing market currently valued at £59million, with sales expected to reach £69million in the next 5 years.
(Source: Euromonitor 'Sleep Aids in the UK' Sept. 2016).

Employers including sleep as part of their wellbeing strategies has doubled over the last 12 months (from 42% to 88%).
(REBA Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey 2017).

Employees suffering from sleep deprivation are widely affected by negative cognitive, emotional, physical and social performance resulting in increased presenteeism and absence.
(Source: HR Magazine, March 2015).

Extensive research has proven the link between sleep and productivity. For businesses, your people are your best asset – so helping them to sleep better will help them to perform to their full potential too.

Introducing Sleep Well, Work Well

Working with acclaimed sleep expert, James Wilson, we’ve developed a unique sleep programme, utilising positive sleep behavioural and environmental change techniques to help your staff get a better nights sleep.

Delivering engaging, practical, user friendly content to equip your people with the knowledge and tools to inform, support and empower them to change their sleep habits and enable them to perform to their very best.

Our programme can be tailored to address your specific company needs, via a range of packages and delivered both face to face and virtually.

All our programmes are backed up with results based analysis and recommendations for ongoing support.

James Wilson

Feel the benefits of a good nights’ sleep

Investing in good sleep education has many benefits to business.

For business this can result in;

  • Increased productivity levels
  • Improved quality of output
  • Fewer sick days
  • Help towards meeting your duty of care needs
  • Help address Health & Safety concerns
  • Position yourself as a caring employer
  • A happier, healthy workforce

For staff, Sleep Well, Work Well has proven to;

  • Improve mood
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase motivation
  • Boost energy levels

Take a look at the results

The following results are from an internal research study we undertook on sleep behaviours amongst staff.

Survey Results Infographic

  • 83% have experienced a sleep issue in the last month
  • 76% often feel tired and unrested
  • 84% with a sleep issue feel they would benefit from sleep workshops/on hand sleep advice
  • 62% felt there’s a possibility they could fall asleep during the day
  • 67% have said that sleepiness has contributed to a lack of concentration

*The Westfield Health Big Sleep Survey results 2017

Feedback following the programmes

"Thanks to this programme I am now sleeping better"
"Sleep Well, Work Well has helped me to change my pre sleep routine and use tips to focus my mind"
"Since attending the Sleep Well, Work Well programme I am getting better quality and quantity of sleep"

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