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Richard Holmes

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Richard Holmes

Richard is a health and wellbeing expert who has dedicated his career to improving people’s quality of life. He’s passionate about the impact of health and wellbeing on business and individual performance, and manages Westfield Health’s exclusive partnership with Sheffield Hallam University’s Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre. Richard has been cited in, and contributed to, a number of wellbeing articles across trade and consumer titles, including The Metro, Employee Benefits and Occupational Health.

The Exhaustion at Work Epidemic: Fatigued on the Job

Fatigue. It’s long-term exhaustion, low energy and motivation which can be caused by sleep deprivation, diet, mental or physical illness. Yet many of us suffer in silence.

Mental Health in the workplace - why it’s time to make a change

Our recent survey of working UK adults found that 86% believe that companies are not doing enough to support them with work-related mental health issues.

5 signs you could be experiencing leavism

69% of employees have said leavism has occurred in their workplace in the past year, but what exactly is leavism? It’s the latest coined phrase to define working during non-paid hours or annual leave. Here’s 5 signs you could be suffering from it.

Switching off from work whilst on holiday

It can be challenging to get everything done before you go on holiday, but it’s important to learn how to switch off while you are away. Our Director of Wellbeing, Richard Holmes, shares his top tips on how to help you rest, relax and enjoy yourself on holiday

Christmas survival guide: Coping with stress

Underneath the glistening tinsel, carefully wrapped gifts and turkey basting, Christmas can be the root cause of a lot of stress for many people. So we’ve put together our top tips on how to not let stress get the better of you during the Christmas build up.

Christmas survival guide: How to eat well

What springs to mind when you think about Christmas? Presents? Sleigh bells? Tinsel? But what’s the thing we all look forward to the most? You guessed it - the food!