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Vicky Ashdown

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Vicky Ashdown

Vicky is the Communications Executive at Westfield Health and looks after all things PR, social media and sponsorship. From working on PR campaigns to grab the media’s headlines, to writing blogs, case studies and creating videos, Vicky uses her journalistic background to tell compelling stories. Since joining Westfield Health a year ago, she’s enjoyed working for an organisation that has a passion to make a positive difference to people’s lives through health and wellbeing. Vicky enjoys traveling, exploring new food, meeting new people, keeping fit dancing and competing in national competitions.

World Sleep Day - are you getting a good quality night’s sleep?

World Sleep Day, organised by the World Sleep Society, is here again to celebrate sleep and highlight key issues relating to it, such as medicine, education, social aspects and driving.

Little pockets of positivity at Westfield Health

Returning to work after the Christmas break is always tough, but we're taking it on with a few ‘little pockets of positivity’ to get you through to February.

Supporting your child at university has never been so important

Up to two thirds of students are dropping out in the first year at some of the UK's biggest universities, according to recent reports. Learn how you can better support your child at university.