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The first steps to great health and wellbeing are recognising and understanding the signs and factors that could be impacting it. Learn more about what health and wellbeing is, how issues can manifest themselves, and what this means for you or your business.

The Exhaustion at Work Epidemic: Fatigued on the Job

Fatigue. It’s long-term exhaustion, low energy and motivation which can be caused by sleep deprivation, diet, mental or physical illness. Yet many of us suffer in silence.

5 signs you could be experiencing leavism

69% of employees have said leavism has occurred in their workplace in the past year, but what exactly is leavism? It’s the latest coined phrase to define working during non-paid hours or annual leave. Here’s 5 signs you could be suffering from it.

Physical Activity and Sport is a good wellbeing investment

Physical Activity and Sport is a good wellbeing investment – and we can prove it Tim Copley – Director of Insight and Performance, London Sport

We believe in Well Beings

Richard Holmes, our Director of Wellbeing, discussed our recent health and wellbeing report with Sky News. Learn more about how employee wellbeing is moving up the corporate agenda.

Employers could do more to help the wellbeing of their employees - survey

Read about the results of our latest national survey, which investigates how working adults in the UK think wellbeing should be funded.

World Sleep Day - are you getting a good quality night’s sleep?

World Sleep Day, organised by the World Sleep Society, is here again to celebrate sleep and highlight key issues relating to it, such as medicine, education, social aspects and driving.

How a health cash plan can support university students

Although starting university is an exciting milestone, there are lots of challenges facing students leaving home for the first time. Read about how a health cash plan can help support students at university.

The Big Westfield Health Sleep Survey

We’re on a mission to help improve our staff’s sleep health. We want our people to be the very best they can be, both when at work and in their daily life too.

Creating an enabling future for carers

With increasing numbers of carers in the workplace, employers need to recognise the effect that their employees' responsibilities can have on their business.

Let's not sugar coat it

In England, one in four adults are now obese, and the number of children who are obese has more than tripled in England over the past 25 years. But the problem could be reversed within five years if just 30% of sugar was cut from the average diet (Sugar Rush; The Telegraph, 2014). Our infographic contains some surprising facts and stats about eating too much sugar.

A winning health and wellbeing strategy at Boston College

Along with his team, Keith Tharby, Director of Workforce Development at Boston College, has been particularly successful in integrating health and wellbeing into his organisation. Here, he shares their award winning HR strategy.