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Sometimes the biggest challenge with health and wellbeing is knowing where to start. Use this content to inspire action within yourself or within your workplace.

Switching off from work whilst on holiday

It can be challenging to get everything done before you go on holiday, but it’s important to learn how to switch off while you are away. Our Director of Wellbeing, Richard Holmes, shares his top tips on how to help you rest, relax and enjoy yourself on holiday

Little pockets of positivity at Westfield Health

Returning to work after the Christmas break is always tough, but we're taking it on with a few ‘little pockets of positivity’ to get you through to February.

Christmas survival guide: How to sleep better

December is here and we’re socialising more, spending more, doing more, eating more - but sleeping less. It’s easy to get into the party mood and start burning the candle at both ends, working, partying, shopping and planning the perfect Christmas. Westfield Health’s tips on how to get quality sleep over the festive period.

Christmas survival guide: Coping with stress

Underneath the glistening tinsel, carefully wrapped gifts and turkey basting, Christmas can be the root cause of a lot of stress for many people. So we’ve put together our top tips on how to not let stress get the better of you during the Christmas build up.

Christmas survival guide: How to keep active

The Christmas build up has begun and in the middle of the never ending to do list, finding time to exercise can be a challenge.