Proud to champion health and wellbeing

Following the announcement that we are partnering with the new Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre in Sheffield, our Executive Director Dave Capper talks about what this means for the health and wellbeing of the local community, and the wider population.

Posted on23rd October 2015


Posted By Dave Capper

Thanks for sharing your walking experiences

National Walking Month may be over, but that’s not an excuse to stop being active. Stephen Birch shares some of the amazing stories and pictures we received throughout May. Have a read and see if you find some inspiration for your next walk.

Posted on12th June 2015


Posted By Stephen Birch

Sugar free or not sugar free?

So the Westfield Health Marketing Team set itself the challenge to become sugar free in five weeks, but how did we get on? Stephen Birch sums it up in our final ‘sugar free’ blog.

Posted on6th March 2015


Posted By Stephen Birch

Is mental ill health affecting your business?

Mental health has long been a taboo subject, seen as a stigma by those that suffer, and a ‘sensitive issue’ for employers. Paul Shires discusses how employers can help their employees to recognise their symptoms and seek appropriate help.

Posted on5th February 2015


Posted By Paul Shires

The feel-good Christmas dinner

It’s time to tuck in to perhaps the biggest meal of the year. But, other than enjoying well cooked food and the company of family and friends, have you ever thought about the health benefits of what you’re eating?

Posted on18th December 2014


Posted By Stephen Birch

Happiness – it’s a serious business

Some of the most successful companies in the world ensure happiness is part of their culture and identity. But what is happiness at work? Stephanie Davies, founder and CEO of Laughology, discusses how businesses benefit from having a happy workforce.

Posted on12th December 2014


Posted By Stephanie Davies

5 tips to keep you healthy at work

On average we spend around half of our waking hours each week at work. That’s a significant amount of time in which we can positively impact our own health. So to help you stay healthy at work, here are our top five tips.

Posted on7th October 2014


Posted By Sara Perry