Insurance that relieves NHS waiting lists

Waiting for surgery can be a long and stressful time. Private Health Insurance gives you the peace of mind that if you ever require medical treatment or surgery, you can bypass potentially lengthy NHS waiting lists by opting to be treated privately.

Posted on22nd March 2017


Posted By Paul Shires

Performing under pressure

Here Sport and Exercise Psychologist, Doctor Joanne Butt talks about key strategies that can translate into a work environment to help employees perform under pressure.

Posted on10th October 2016


Posted By Joanne Butt

Maisie’s Transplant Story

Ten-year-old Maisie Danher from Prenton, Wirral is set to compete at this year’s Westfield Health British Transplant Games in her home city of Liverpool and has been chosen to be a Westfield Health ambassador for the Games.

Posted on27th July 2016


Posted By Jenny Danher

Why you should take a walking lunch

As part of National Walking Month, Westfield Health launched their ‘Walking Lunch’ campaign, encouraging people to use their lunch breaks to walk for 20 minutes. Fiona Lowe, Head of HR & Strategy at Westfield Health tells us just why it’s so important.

Posted on25th May 2016


Posted By Westfield Health

Giving the gift of life

Our Chairman, Graham Moore, marks World Kidney Day and the countdown to the Westfield Health British Transplant Games, and reminds us just how important it is to support these initiatives.

Posted on10th March 2016


Posted By Graham Moore

Football fitspiration

Jeremy Poulson, First Team Sports Scientist at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, discusses how he works with the players to ensure they’re in tip top condition and how non-athletes can learn from the pros.

Posted on28th February 2016


Posted By Jeremy Poulson